Saturday 28th February 7.30pm

The Crabchurch Conspiracy is the name given to a Royalist plot in Weymouth during February 1645 at the height of the English Civil War.

It ended with the Battle of Weymouth eighteen days later and the deaths of over five hundred people.

February 2015 sees the 370th anniversary of this momentous Dorset event which, if it had ended differently, would have literally changed English history as we know it.

As part of the town’s annual commemoration, internationally renowned Celtic Rock band, The Dolmen will perform their seminal album ‘The Crabchurch Conspiracy’ Live on stage with TV historian and academic writer Professor Ronald Hutton, Stonewylde author Kit Berry & Cap’n Steve Howl.

The evening will also have a talk by Professor Hutton on the subject of Oliver Cromwell.

The Crabchurch Conspiracy Concert 2015 … where music meets history .. and magic is born.

Click here to buy tickets for the evening show for only £10 from the Weymouth Pavillion box office.