5.0 out of 5 stars A great read and intriguing history.
27 Nov 2014
First published in 2004, I came across a 1st edition by accident on Ebay while browsing for English Civil War books. While I have not yet bought this new edition, I recommend it to all that have an interest in that war. While not a long book (1st edition – Octavo size, 119 pages) and easily read in one session, it is a thoroughly enjoyable historical account of a lesser known encounter between the Royalists and Parliamentarians during 1645. Well written and illustrated, it immediately draws the reader into the actual events and those involved. You feel you’re there, rather than reading dry history some 370 years later. Perhaps the sub-title, ‘Dorset’s bloodiest secret’, is necessary for marketing purposes, It is probably apt such was the carnage suffered by the Royalists as they attempted, without success, to storm the defences of Weymouth, and that I, for one, did not know that Dorset had secrets !! Look at the author’s website http://crabchurch.co.uk/ – full of further information.